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Friday, March 22


Dev and Rani, ON. Pray for Dev as he records TV programs in his basement studio and edits them for airing in Guyana. They have good opportunities to befriend Sikhs where Deepak takes music lessons. May there be open doors to share the Good News with them.


Hanneke Cost Budde

March 21

This morning Jacky lost all feelings in her lower limbs. She had much pain in her knees and ankles. I tested her legs by making her close her eyes and I touched her legs in several places. She didn't feel anything. Only when I grabbed her leg did she feel it but very little.
Today I am getting a wheelchair for her.
Please pray that she won't become too discouraged and for healing.  

Dom Gould

March 20

Thanks for praying. It has been a hard journey here in South Africa. I landed and within hours learned the news that my father died the day I left. I have been thankful for the 2 families that hosted me when I arrived— helping me to process grief and to discern if I was to stay or go back. My sense in prayer, along with praying friends at home, was I was to stay. And it was significant to mark the day of the funeral with the family I was staying with.

It has been a lot to hold being so far away, and yet in the last couple days realized with my spiritual director that it is significant to carry such loss and grief and struggle with being here as part of my lenten journey— walking with Jesus toward the cross. Some of the things I didn’t expect was how my presence would affect others here— some positive, others not so much...which makes sense considering the history of the land.

I have connected a little bit with the university here, met some students and will be traveling to Soweto and the Apartheid museum this weekend. April 1-6 I will fly to Zimbabwe and teach 13 staff and 60-100 students in the IFES movement. Please pray as I prepare to speak, pray for a strong sensitivity to Holy Spirit.

Attached are photos of my host family and their kids. Niq and Fatima, and their children, Minehle, Luyanda and Jonathan.


Mission Hub

March 20

Praise God for the 175+ university students who came on Friday night to focus on Unity in Mission! Please pray for planning for summer learning. Also, please pray for increased capacity for Khevna and Chez as they juggle the many opportunities to grow, and especially for the leaders who are raised up to serve in the nations, and to help mobilize others to do so, too. 



Mission Aviation Fellowship



March 19

We are hopeful that all the prayers and the new medicines are helping Jacky. It is so good to see and hear her laughing again.
Thanks and God bless you!!

The picture is of Naomi, my friend and house keeper, Margreth who is home for a day and Jacky.  

Mary Jane Fandrich

March 17

It’s very hard to wait, especially for Christmas and…….a lot of other things. We can all look back and remember the waiting times.
While trying to find a home, residence, house, to shelter our teen girls now on the street, it began to look like an unsurmountable effort. But God…….put the ideas and know how and people together to provide the shelter for the girls.
More details on that later:
Right now we have to find the girls! That is no small problem. Let me explain. It happens (in Lebanon) that it’s illegal to contact these young people on the street, when they are let go, by the organization that has held them, or any of its members.
That includes me. There might be penalties and/or denial of license, or expulsion.
A long time fellow worker warned me of this situation and it was his suggestion that lead me to our solution.
Our solution is amazingly perfect for the job, they have the license to do what we are doing, and have the space. For once they are not loaded with ‘clients’. A luncheon with them and some quiet conversation made us all realize that this was coming together. There will be costs, and I’ll let you know what they will be. They have space for four, and are located in Beirut.
Now for the girls. They have Facebook pages, but in Arabic, which I don’t read with any facility yet. No one at our institution will divulge any information if they have it, or help, for the above reasons. I could roam the streets hoping to bump into them…….but my legs don’t like roaming.
But God…..for quite a few years has had a local associate outside of the institution who knows. And that person will find the way to make the necessary contacts. That person has been coming and caring for the children for nearly a decade.
So just wait. If God builds the house, the labour will not be in vain. (That’s British Labor) Keep cool and lets laugh and rejoice a lot. We work for the Owner of the Vineyard. His wages are very fair! 

Gord and Brenda Nickerson

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and partnership in this ministry to the youth of Central and Eastern Europe!

This year has already seen many opportunities across Canada to make new contacts and connections so that Canadian churches can be engaged with what God is doing in and through the Josiah Venture ministry. Youth groups and young leaders in churches from Barrie, Toronto, Cambridge, and Ottawa will be involved in sharing the love of Jesus this summer through English camps and Fusion (performing arts) ministries. We'd love to see these partnerships spread across the country from coast to coast! If you know of anyone with a special interest in Central and Eastern Europe, whether college students or youth pastors or church missions teams or even a small group or Christian college professor, tell them about Josiah Venture, send them to our website (, or give them my contact info...I'd love to connect with them!

I have attached here a Year End Report for 2018 that highlights the past 25 years since Josiah Venture began. I'm sure you'll find it interesting! 


Hanneke Cost Budde

March 14

Jacky is having a rough time. Last night she woke me up at 3 am and was in excruciating pain. I rubbed her legs with the special gel to reduce the pain but even stroking the gel gently on her legs she winched. I gave a her a pain killer and then she tried to go back to sleep. When I went to her room at 7 am she was sitting up and was in tears. So much suffering. It is hard to watch my child in such pain and now she is using 2 crutches to try and get around. It hurts her to put her feet on the floor. She wants to go back to school and is so disappointed that she just can't go. Her feet are still very swollen.
I want to thank everyone so much for praying for her. After she got up and was feeling down, I put her on the couch and she was watching some nice movie which was a good distraction. Later she picked up and was her happy self again. She sent me a silly video clip which she took of her self in negative. It was very funny. Her nice white teeth were black and so was her tongue. She enjoys her tuition very much and the teacher who comes is very good and very relaxed with her. They often laugh and she always has loads of questions which he patiently answers. Very unusual for a Tanzanian teacher. Most don't accept questions and get angry is a student asks anything. It often results in a beating.

Dave and Rani

March 14

Please join us in praising God that
· We are making more meaningful contacts with S1khs at their temple
· Deepak’s music is getting better, and he is growing spiritually
· The TV program in Guyana is now being aired every week (with coverage in most of the country, as well as in parts of Suriname).
Please pray for:
· Us, as we invite our H1ndu, S1kh, and Musl1m friends to our planned Satsangh on April 20
· Rani: she continues to meet with South Asian women to care for them, and pray with them when possible.
Dear friends,

Meeting S1khs in their temple
We spend approximately 2.5 hours on Saturdays and Sundays in a S1kh temple. What do we do go there - and why?
Deepak has been taking (excellent) lessons given at the temple – for a nominal cost, to learn to play the tabla and the harmonium. Praise God he is doing quite well with both. I (Devanand) have also started to learn the harmonium there. We eat at the temple (simple Indian vegetarian food – for free). And we volunteer with the cleaning of dishes; interacting with the others cleaning the dishes is a natural way to get to know people. Consequently, we have been able to build trust and stronger relationships.
Jagdeep and I were chatting while doing the dishes. He was very surprised to learn that I was a Chr1stian – assisting in the clean-up of their temple, and declared, “that’s a good thing you are doing; we need to learn about each other’s religions.” I intend to invite Jagdeep to our Satsangh that we will be having on April 20 in our home.

What is a Satsangh? Literally, it means “truth-gathering” – Hindustani (Indian) style. H1ndus, S1khs, and also Musl1ms, generally enjoy Indian music, and sitting on the floor to listen “truth” being told through music and other expressions. We are capitalizing on the occasion of Easter to invite our friends and neighbours to observe our celebration of this “festival”. We are planning to sing about the truths of God, and worship in the name of Jes_us Chr1st, our Lord and Sav1our. We will serve vegetarian food afterward.

Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel

March 13

A few weeks ago we landed in Mexico City, on the eve of the 4 day annual retreat for some 50 multi-generational Missionaries of the UWM (United World Mission) serving in many parts of the City and Country.

We spent the day before the retreat talking and praying with the former Mexico Field Director, Jonathan Mikes and his lovely wife Rocio. Together they have planted a thriving Church in Mexico City as well as top-flight Christian elementary School. Jonathan and Rocio graciously shared with us the beauty and culinary delights of the area in which they live.

How did the retreat go? In short, the Lord met us all in so many ways and we are grateful for the prayers of so many of you.

If you would like a few more details and pictures, read on in our current letter which is attached 


Hanneke Cost Budde

March 12

Today Jacky's  feet were worse and very painful. She managed to stay in school but even her teacher wanted to call me to pick her up. However Jacky wanted to stay. She has many friends and they helped me carry her to my car.

Leah Hopp

March 12

Pray for the Uganda mission’s retreat. We will go to Mukono (between Kampala and Jinja) the second week of April. Our mission is in a much different place than last year thankfully. The dynamics are better so I hope we find ways to encourage each other and be refreshed for our work.

Hanneke Cost Budde

March 11

Jacky started to have some pain and numbness in her one leg on Saturday but this was a bit better as the day went on. On Sunday we attended church and again her leg started paining. This morning she went to school. She loves this school and eventhough she had quite a bit of pain she insisted on going. At 5 pm I picked her up and both feet were swollen and painful. She was unable to walk properly and had to be helped getting her in the car. She was wearing someones slippers as her feet were to swollen for the sandals. She is a little fighter and right now she is having tuition. The people at her school are very kind and that is a great help. However it is very hard on her.
I know you will keep her in your prayers.
If all goes well I hope to take her to Holland in July.
Pray I will have my residents permit by then and that Jacky will get a visa for Holland. 


Mary Jane Fandrich

March 10

How many times does it take..............

Today we did 3 x and 4x and 5x. with three of the children that are ten and eleven, but in school at the grade 2 level. Two of them had the excellent experience of Christian schooling for two years thanks to your generosity. Now they are in public school, and they have lost a year of schooling while this new situation was being set up. When asked to help them with their homework, I discovered that they were hopelessly unable to cope with a math quiz on 3x and 4x. Agewise they should be up to this.

Finding suitable accommodation for about five girls out coping on their own has taken more time than I had hoped.
We have looked at two miserable places, and were out bid on another. What worries me is the attitude that it is not their responsibility, and they have actually blocked other volunteers from assisting me who were eager to do so. However, help may come from a Lebanese pastor referred to me, and the American Women's Club members. God knows what He wants to do and how to do it.
We have had more rain/hail and snow this year than last, so it remains cool and invigorating. 


Marg Roth

March 7

Things are pretty chaotic around here as we are trying to get everything done to move Saturday morning. Susan is doing most of the work and I must say with 28 years worth of living in this house tucked in every room it is difficult for me to downsize to a small apartment. I sure hope I am ready. Susan was working at the apartment today putting dishes and supplies in the cupboard and the shelf had not been installed correctly. Suddenly it gave away and everything came crashing down on top of her . This is after falling on the ice the other day so she is pretty sore and banged up but still trying to pack up stuff. She is a real help and blessing.
I appreciated greatly the prayers about moving. I am having a hard time with it but I do know this is the right decision. My last doctor appointment was not as good as I was hoping so this might help. 


Xerggyo & Hil

March 5

Hil's grandmother recovered very well after suffer a stroke. Thanks for your prayers. She is on her land again collecting vegetables.


Raquelle Neto


Raquelle passed into Jesus' presence on February 28, at Humber Memorial Hospital following a recent short stay. She was a strong supporter of KWM workers.

Dom Goold

March 5

Dom Gould, recently arrived in South Africa. She received news that her father passed away the day she arrived. Please pray for Dom as she will remain in South Africa at this time.


Don MacLeod

February 28

I am having eye trouble. Glad the word is getting around as I need prayer.

The doctor tells me that my sight may come back but right now I am blind. My history of Knox Church is on hold until things improve. I'd hope it would be ready by September.

The China Mishkid book is selling well thanks to Amazon and is actually showing a profit.

Mission Venture

This trip is a 10 day exposure trip in Taiwan, ideally for people who haven’t done any missions out of their own “cultural comfort zone”. The town which the whole trip is taking place is called Tongluo, population of 13,000, with only 3 churches and 3% evangelized.

During the trip, the participants will be going to local schools and homes, county prisons and the 3 churches, to share the gospel with a Christmas theme.

The person who is organizing it is Solomon Tong, who works in OM Community Transformation Ministry Centre Tongluo. He is friendly and fun and he was on Logos Hope, the biggest mobile bookstore (on a ship!) run by a nonprofit. 

Ann Chow

February 26

Greetings from YVR where we just finished our Food for the Hungry board meetings. Still such an inspiring group to be a part of. We are partnering with City Movement and touring the country to talk about Insights to Impact, how churches can work more effectively in our cities. 

I’m leaving for Manila now, hitting the beach for some rest and relaxation first. I’m joining an Ultimate frisbee team from Dubai to play in Boracay, Philippines. I’ll work from there for the week and then head to Manila for planning meetings for the Global Workplace Forum happening this June. Meeting our host church, producer from India and our worship leader from Taiwan to coordinate our plans. Please pray that we work well together and get a lot done.

I’ve recently been invited to plan another event in Bangkok for May 2020, and so I’ll head to Thailand after Manila to begin working together. We’ll also do a site visit in Pattaya, just south of Bangkok.

After that, I’ll visit Tokyo for a couple of days in hopes of catching the cherry blossoms! They predict an early spring, so I’m hopeful.

Thanks for your prayers as always, I’ll be back in Toronto on March 20.

Luke and Yuko Elliot

February 26

Thank you for praying for us in this time of snow. We have had a delightful respite over the last week as a considerable thaw has set in and a great deal of snow has melted.

Please pray for wisdom for us as we navigate some important decisions regarding the vehicles that we rely on for life and ministry. We have been truly blessed by the donation from a supporting church last year of a passenger vehicle for camp ministry. Without it we would not be able to transport the short term mission teams that come to ACC, nor give people rides to church events.

However, the much older vehicle that we have been using as a family car since 2014 has come to another crossroad. We can either invest $1,500 in it now and a further $2,000 (or, more, depending on whether other things go wrong with it) next year in order to keep it on the road until 2022, or let it go and trust God for funds to replace it in early 2020. Please pray that we would be able to discern the most efficient option and that the Lord will provide accordingly.

In other news, we have two interesting/important videos from colleagues that we would like to share. One is about the Hokkaido Bible Institute (which ACC hopes to partner with even more closely in the future) and the other is about a sports outreach ministry that one of our colleagues is developing in the northern island of Hokkaido (we would love to see something similar developed in Aomori). 


Leah Hopp

My colleague Chris made this video for his furlough presentation which I thought you would be interested to view and pass on to others. We live in Karamoja, Uganda, and work with the OPC mission there. This is an overview of the mission's work as it stands at the end of 2018.

I also came across a commercial featuring some karimojong which was totally unexpected. Enjoy!


Jim Mason

February 25

Click below for my Prayer bulletin.

Hanneke Cost Budde

February 24

Ngassa slept well. His wound is bleeding quite a bit but that's OK. Mfaume stayed with him during the night.
Now I have taken his place and he has gone to bed.
Ngassa has some metal pins put in which will be removed in about 3weeks.
Jacky's MRI revealed nothing... Which is good... However, they cannot figure out what is causing Jacky's problem so now they think it is psychological. (you can have your feet swell due to a psychological problem? This happens when she loses her ability to walk and it comes with a lot of pain. They didn't believe she vomited blood and had ulcers until they did the Endoscopy!)
Anyhow, today she is seeing the psychiatrist... After that I hope to get a full report and the neurologist told me that there are 2 other tests which cannot be done in Africa. He will write out the names of these tests.
It looks like I will have to take her to Europe.
With Ngassa 's leg they cut off a piece of bone which was sticking out and then straightened the leg as much as possible and pinned it to keep it in the right position. It was a bit of a long surgery. At least 2 and1/2 hours.
He is on anti inflammatory drugs and pain killers.
Today they took an X-ray and tomorrow they will change the bloody bandages.... Looks pretty gross!
Jacky went to see the psychiatrist and I think it was good for her. He didn't think that her physical problems were related but she will benefit by having some extra therapy as she has had a very rough start. First being deserted by her mother and family. Then the terrible things which happened with that family who were going to adopt her and their rejection... A second blow in her short life. Tomorrow she will have a 2-hour session with him. Then on Tuesday we will see the neurologist again.



February 23

Our patient. it looks like the doctors did a great job. His leg looks more straight. God is good! He sends you his greetings!


Rosemary Walker

February 23

Greetings from Vancouver, where I am spending a few days with my brother Paul and his wife Bernace. I arrived last Monday, February 18th, and will, God willing, be returning to work with Christian Direction, Montreal, in March.

Thanks for your prayers during my mission in Korea! It was a challenge, a privilege and a pleasure to serve Africa Inland Mission there from last September until the 25th of January.


Knox's wee church mouse in five adventures


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