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Tuesday, June 18


C & K. Pray for significant, long-term fruitfulness to emerge from meetings with the global leadership team and investors in Cyprus. May God be wonderfully glorified through this business-as-mission initiative. God has set before them an open door but there are many obstacles.


Martha Brown and Helmut Kern

Martha and Helmut will be married at Knox on Saturday, June 22, at 11 am. All are welcome to attend the ceremony.

Kristen Westwood

Kristen's album launch on Thursday is shaping up to be one big beautiful affair.Thu, Thursday, 20 June 2019, 7 pm  
918 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON M5R 3G5 


Hanneke Cost Budde

June 14

Ngassa finally succeeded in getting his birth certificate. It will be ready next Friday.
Faraja has just been operated on. The doctor removed his adenoids and his tonsils. He's fine.

Yesterday we had this truck in front of us. It was loaded with wooden beams. Underneath the words were: Fimbo La Musa...the staff of Moses.  

Carluci dos Santos

June 12

I am returning to Brazil this afternoon to be with my family and will be back next 
My mom passed away this morning. She is at peace with Christ.
Thank you friends for your words of encouragement and for your prayers. I'm boardng soon. Pray there won't be any flight delays. I have three connecting flights. I will stay in touch.
Death is not the end. The bodily, physical resurrection is the final answer to death, suffering and pain. 

Hanneke Cost Budde

June 12

Today I received permission to sell my old vehicle. Please pray it will sell for the right price. It is after 6pm and I am still in the garage waiting for the mechanics to finish. Next week I have to get another wayer pump... Sigh!
Also C. V. Joints had to be fixed... Will get the bill after putting in the new pump.
Pray for our trip to Mwanza tomorrow!  


One Canadian missionary died thinking he was a failure; 84 years later thriving churches found hidden in the jungle. Story of a medical doctor from Ontario who went to Angola and then to Congo. Who thought nothing had happened because of his sacrifice.


Wayne & Helen Hancock

June 11

Growth continues in Nicaragua
The dry season has come to an end at the Skylark Centre. The rain has come - sometimes in abundance - and with the rains come growth. Our Best Start kids, and programs, also continue to flourish.
The newest Best Start in Christ newsletter is now available
Please take a few minutes to get caught up on what has been happening over the past few months, all resulting from your tremendous support and donations, and God's grace. There are a couple of fantastic stories of impact included that we hope will tug on your heartstrings.
Let us know what you think. Enjoy the read! 

Elizabeth Matthias

June 11

My Canadian home service early this year was a great blessing! It was so good to meet up with long-time friends and wonderful supporting churches —after four years! I thank God for grace amazing to worship with you and connect deeply—even having the opportunity to make some new friends! I treasured every minute, savouring the joy of seeing you again, especially Christ in you, as I heard what He’s doing in, with and through you! Resting with a dear friend (from days in Nigeria) and having time with my Mom and family in Victoria, Calgary and Toronto was precious. Every minute was deeply meaningful—refreshing with a richness and fullness beyond words!

Returning, my challenges here in Munich—and beyond—continue intensely. And some of those challenges have hit me hard personally and very deeply—so I’ve had to do some very serious soul-searching before I could write you. James 1:2-3 has become more real to me—both regarding the reality of trials and the promise of fruit that may come out of them:
Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance/steadfastness. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
I faced a couple of trials—challenging me to the core, leading me to examine myself, as well as my continued calling here in Munich... I’ve had to retreat “into my closet” and seek the Lord more earnestly. Repentance and change was needed. Although that process isn’t completed (not until death!), I feel confident to write to you now for your continued support and prayers for the Lord’s leading—and for Him to work through some remaining challenges. May the Refiner’s fire be effective to clear away dross, to purify and sanctify.

Gospel Church München (GCM)
It has been very difficult to see many wonderful saints and good friends leave our church over the last eight months... Our small congregation has generally adjusted to the change and new people are joining us (also adding some new counselling needs). Still, it’s difficult to watch our pastor and his family try to navigate these difficult waters without the support of elders in the church. Particularly disturbing to me was to realize that I have not been the help that I should have been over the last couple of years, and that even now, I’m not a help to him. How can this be? What do I need to see in order to be a good resource of help? I am still not completely clear on this. Although I have seen where some change is necessary in me, and I’ve repented—and I’m seeing some small changes (thankfully!)—more insight and real change is definitely necessary. Your prayers to that end are so appreciated—as well as solid growth through God’s Spirit in GCM.

Administrative Challenges
In addition to the local challenges, but also in part because of them, while I was in Canada early this year the Eastern Canada Presbytery (ECP) had to inform me that they are no longer able to act as my employer to give me oversight to the degree that the Canadian government requires, terminating me—effective the end of this year. They requested that I find a Canadian mission agency to cover support and oversight from Canada. Though I am still with Mission to the World, and donations from the States for my work aren’t affected, I have been serving with MTW under the ECP—so all Canadian donations are affected—as of 31.12.19. Finding another mission agency, especially under these circumstances is not ideal, to say the least. This had further driven me to seek the Lord, to ask if He was bringing about fundamental changes in my life and work. The end of April, as part of trying to discern the Lord’s will, I asked SERGE (that wonderful mission agency based in Philadelphia!) if they would consider an application from me. Their answer was swift and kind, but they do not have the capacity to do so... MTW had also suggested that I ask for employment from the German church downtown with whom I’ve also been working, the Freie evangelische Gemeinde, München-Mitte (FeG MM). Pastor Matthias Lohmann was quite willing to do so, offering a few options to work with MTW, GCM and even the EPC to arrange this. And so the Lord confirms He would still have me here in Munich—I’m so grateful! Your prayers are most appreciated that the Lord would guide and establish the details of all the arrangements for the change by the end of the year—again, only for the Canadian supporters.

Life as usual...
Other than these (“small”!) challenges, life continues as busy as usual— counselling, mentoring and teaching. In fact, these tasks brought to me a wonderful measure of stability, joy and energy as I watched individuals being strengthened in Christ. These are precious moments; for me, life doesn’t get any better! Furthermore, a Brethren church in the city has also asked for help in counselling, mentoring and teaching—we plan to begin in the Fall. As we reap the results of the lawlessness and individualism of postmodernism by encroaching secularism, individuals are becoming aware that their lives are not working. Thankfully many are turning to the church, perhaps not enough to bring a noticeable change yet, nevertheless more than we are capable of helping at the moment! Please do pray for the lay groups who are reading counselling materials, for the self-counselling projects underway, that mentees might be well-equipped to counsel, and that more groups would be established in each of these churches. As we earnestly seek to crucify our flesh (really so necessary, though so painful!) to walk more closely in step with the Spirit, won’t salt and light be more visible in this dark world? May it be so. Please pray for us all to this end!

Life on Retreat...
From June 10th through 15th Gospel Church München is on their annual retreat at the lovely convent on the shores of beautiful Garda Lake in Italy. Nearly 50 people will be attending to hear retired Pastor Mike Ross (from NC) teach on “Spiritual Awakening” (from Is. 56-65). How timely! We all need this—and look forward to what the Lord will do among us as you help us with your prayers! May the Spirit of Christ work deeply among each of us.

Below is a more recent photo--with my good friend and fellow Canadian and missionary, Jan--she serves in South Sudan. She happened to visit me on the Mother's Day weekend--spinster missionaries meet on Mother's Day! If anyone had told me as a non-believing teenager this would be "the good life", I would never have believed it! Now, 40 years "in Christ", I can affirm the truth of John 10:10! Thank you for 19 years of support as a missionary! And, by the amazing grace of God, I continue to press on, to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me, to do all of the good works which God prepared in advance for me to do--as you continue to help me with your prayers.


Hanneke Cost Budde

June 8

I am working on getting a 2011 Fortuner. Please pray that the seller will agree. The vehicle will be $13900/- US Taxes here are about the same amount. Together with the taxes I need to pay it will add up to $ 28,000/- US
I still have not been given permission by the church here to sell the old vehicle...which needs some more repairs and I needed a new tire last week! It will be a relief to get another newer vehicle!! So please pray for this!!

This evening we had hamburgers, chips, lots of fresh veggies and a very good water melon. After dinner Baraka did the dishes and after that Baraka, Kiri and Jacky have been singing and dancing. Such fun to have them home.
Naomi is not feeling very well today. The kids took some panadol to her after she left to go home and later called for one of the kids to bring her some.

The teaching is going well. There are 6 students who are all eager to spread the Gospel. They have only had primary school and it is difficult for them to study. I gave them some simple homework but the next day they couldn't answer the question. Then I gave them another day and promised a soda for the one who would give the best answers...Yes it worked! They all answered the questions and one did quite good and received the soda.  


Leah Hopp

June 7

While our missionary pastor is on holiday for the next five weeks, the mission church will have some Africans preaching. This will be the first time that some Karimojong have a been asked to preach here in Nakaale. This is a huge step forward in my opinion. Please pray for these men that the Holy Spirit will speak clearly through them.

Carluci and Christina dos Santos

June 7

I got back last Thursday. I came back exhausted, still seeking to rest a bit. I went straight to the hospital and stayed there with my mom for the week till she was released to go home. She had gotten pneumonia, was pretty weak, and the doctors thought that would be the end of the journey for her. She has overcome the pneumonia, but is much weaker than when I was there in January. She’s now at home, in a hospital bed, with oxygen, receiving full time care at home. From the hospital, I went home and continued to provide care for her, together with my dad and a day time helper, for the following weeks. We now have a day time and a night time support.
I am very grateful I was able to be there for three weeks.
Besides mom’s care, we had to open up the conversation about her dying with the rest of the family. My siblings agreed that we talked to both of our parents about mom’s now advanced stage of cancer and possible short life span. Neither of them knew what it was until very recent.
When I spoke to my dad, he cried a lot, and prayed for her healing. “Lord, you raised Lazarus, four days in the tomb. Heal my wife!” We know God can. Her life is in God’s hands.
When I left their home on Wednesday, my mom said she is very well and that I should not worry. Next time I come, she would be walking. She’s not giving in. We pray with her.
Of course, this had been a very difficult experience for all of us. I never had to deal with death and faith before as now.
I was invited to speak at a bible study group, the group that has been supporting my sister, I accepted and I spoke on this theme. God was speaking to me on the topic. Death is not the end of our lives. We will face it. We will all face it. God’s answer to death is the resurrection: Christ is risen. He has the power over death. We tear now. But then, there will be no more tears. Death will finally be gone! What a day we eagerly wait for!!!
We celebrated several services at home in the past few weeks, with family and friends, celebrating the work of God in the lives of my parents. They have been instrumental in the planting of quite a few churches in our city and beyond. 50 years of ministry. What a testimony of God’s grace!! We rejoice in what God has done!!!
The three girls also came down to Brazil and spent sometime with their grandparents. It was very special.
Isabela is now in Jordan, living with a local family in Amman, learning Arabic, and seeking God’s direction as she continues her studies at U of T. The other two are home and helping at Celebration.

I am sending you a picture of my dad feeding mom in the morning.  


Mahona Pascal. I have printed out enough copies of my thesis to distribute to my lecturers for reading and suggestions and to prepare their questions to ask me as I do my pre-defence on June 12.

Today I will have a good sleep.


Hanneke Cost Budde

June 4

Last Sunday we had the promotion of the CD of the women's choir. All the women involved were to wear the same color dress. I was to help with the counting of the money they were hoping to raise.
It was an all-day church event. First, we had the service and a lunch provided by the women. Then we had the promotion/fundraising for the women's choir.
Our friend, Mr. Maganga was the guest of honor. The local dignitary.
Just as we started the event the Regional commissioner dropped in. He is a big man who is doing a lot of promoting tree planting and implementing the new law which forbids the use of single-use plastic bags. He is doing a great job and people really respect him. (He is also involved in promoting Tanzania’s new railway project.)
He had everyone singing within a minute. Then he recognized me and made me come forward. He kept holding my hand so I just had to stand there and listen to his speech. It was quite funny.
The women have a plan to make reusable bags made out of locally sourced material and want to start a small business. He invited the women to come and compose and sing a song regarding the caring for the environment on the next day when there would be a big meeting regarding this topic. He was very pleased with their song and they have been given a plot to start building their project. On the Sunday they raised about $3000/- Canadian. So, all in all the day was a huge success! I have a CD for you!! Magdalena has a lot of solos on it.

Having all the kids home is great. Lots of happy noise!
Faraja has grown one inch. His marks are very good and so are Christina's. They are so gifted. Next week I am taking Faraja for surgery to have his adenoids removed. Pray that this will go well! Baraka is doing better at school He has adjusted to being in Secondary school. His marks are going up. Jacky still has swelling of her right lower leg and cannot fit into her shoe. However, she continues to have a positive attitude. After all the other kids are back in school, I may have to take her to the hospital in Moshi after all.
Ngassa has been chosen for Msumba High school in Mwanza, the school where Mahona succeeded so well.
Mfaume has finally been able to put in his applications to continue his pharmaceutical studies. He is all excited.
Mahona is finishing up his Thesis which is much harder than he anticipated. Pray for him as it is taking a lot out of him and he struggles with a constant cold.

I have started to teach the six new student-evangelists who attend our Tabora Bible school.
Tomorrow I will continue with the O.T survey.  


Elsie Simpson

Bill Wood and Elsie enjoy some quality music time together. Elsie is a strong praying partner to KWM workers.


Alvin Kim

June 2

Congratulations to Alvin on his ordination as the Senior Minister of Grace Presbyterian Church, West Hill. Many members and staff of Knox were in attendance to support Alvin on his new venture.

Hanneke Cost Budde

May 30

How is Gini Downing doing? It will be a difficult time for her and I also think of Nel and Albert. Such wonderful people who have touched my life so much! Please give them my best wishes!!
Today I went to see Mr. Juma. He had surgery done on a bilateral hernia and is doing well. His son or grand-son is looking after him and today this man's wife was there. Pray I will be a good witness to these people and to those in their community.
Jacky's leg is still sore and swelling but not as bad as before. She does need to walk with support but no wheel chair… God is good! She and all the kids are writing exams before their long school Holiday.
Faraja will need surgery when he comes home to have his adenoids removed. Hope to do this the week after they come home.
Kashinje, the girl in the orphanage in Mwanza where Ngassa was (and where the paralyzed little boy, Sayi lives), needs the metal pins removed from her legs. They have been hurting her for quite a while!
Today I helped out getting two computers fixed at our office and getting parts for them, including internet boards. The bishop was very happy.
I hope to buy this Fortuner. It is a very good price and it will be a blessing to get it.
Here are the car details:
Toyota fortuner...white
Engine Capacity 27000
Year manufacture 2008
Fuel diesel
Transmission auto
Engine No 1kd
Has had no accidents
Has not been repainted
Kilometers 83991
Bei million 35 TZsh. 35.000.000/- Taxes TZsh. 2.000.000 to 5.000.000
Full Air Condition
Gari nzuri sana haina shida yoyote ile
A very nice car which has no problems at all


Art Downing

Art, a Knox member for 27 years, elder, usher, counting team head and faithful supporter of the Mildred Gehman Missionary Group and KWM workers went home to be with his Saviour on Friday May 24th.
Trivia: Born in Moncton of a 3rd generation of railway men. As an engineer, Art worked on the Avro Arrow. He proposed to Gini in a letter sent in the mail with a diamond ring...they enjoyed their 68 years of marriage.

Pray for his wife Gini and children Linda Winkfein, David, Doug and Ross and his grandchildren.

Gini's address: 2930 Erin Center Blvd.,
Mississauga, ON L5M 7M4 


Jim Mason

May 28

Here is my June prayer sheet.


Mahona Pascal

May 27

Writing my thesis is something difficult, more than any examination in university. My thesis was returned today and I have to re-write it. It's very difficult. Keep praying for me please!


Hanneke Cost Budde

May 27

Jacky is walking with crutches today. She hates this and at times she refuses to use them. However, she needs to keep her weight of her right knee.
Today Mfaume went to see his very sick aunt in the village...about a 3 hour drive with a little van..(Which often breaks down). His aunt has Malaria, Typhoid, worm infestation, etc. I bought all the medicines she needs as these are not available in the village. I also gave Mfaume some extra cash to buy some food for his very poor family.
Ngassa (photo) is doing tuition and is enjoying his preparations for entering Form 5.
Coming Sunday I will be heading for Kahama after our church service, to pick up the kids on Monday morning. (Kiri, Baraka and Faraja.) Please pray for safety on the road! 


Jack and Mary Anne Voelkel

May 26

How very precious it was to be with all of you just a few weeks ago. I pray for Knox every day!

Here is my request: My brother Bob who lives in California is slowly dying of throat cancer. Today I once again lovingly shared the Gospel with him. Would you pray that the Lord would open his heart and mind to truly receive Jesus as His Savior and Lord. 

Luke and Yuko Elliot

May 25

Thank you for your prayers and support for our ministry at the Aomori Christian Center (ACC). There are so many praises for answered prayer that we could talk about, so many stories, and also so many needs of ours and of others to take to the Lord in prayer.

Today, however, we ask you to pray for a dear young couple that were a tremendous blessing to our whole family and to the ministry of the Aomori Christian Center throughout last year's summer camp season. They came as OMF SERVE Asia workers (SAWs) and, as they move forward with preparations to return to ministry in Japan long term, they are also raising support to serve at ACC again this summer as SAWs. They are, however, faced with a situation that so many in ministry experience . . . a clear sense of calling and many affirmations thereof, but also a seemingly insurmountable obstacle---in this case a looming financial clearance deadline that seems impossible to meet.

Please join us in praying that this will be for them one of those milestone moments when the conviction that "God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply" ceases to be theory and becomes solid experience and a foundation for a lifetime of radical trust in God.

If the Lord lays this young couple on your heart in a special way, please let us know and we can share more about them with you or you can visit their Prayer Letter homepage. 


Tanzania Report

Compiled update from last month's trip to Tanzania.

Carluci dos Santos

May 20

I would ask that you continue to pray for my mom and my family at this very difficult time for us.

My mom is fighting an aggressive liver cancer. The Lord knows how long she will cope. We know God can deliver her from this cancer, and so we pray.

I am grateful our daughters came after me to be with their grandmother as well.

It am grateful I am on sabbatical from the Mission so I could come to Brazil for a couple of weeks.

I am very thankful also that Celebration is carrying on ministry. It was very challenging to find pulpit supply for Celebration for the Sundays I am down in Brazil.

About my mom, she was hospitalized on Monday May 6, I got here on Wednesday, May 8th, went straight to the hospital, and came home with her on May 11th. After all the tests, etc., they realized her cancer has reached her lungs; she also developed pneumonia. Her tummy is growing and causing much discomfort, compressing other organs. There is nothing they can do except palliative care.

They released her to go home for mother’s day; she wanted to go home. She’s better at home; we are doing all we can. She eats very little, sleeps most of the time, and is on oxygen.

We have received lots of visits of family and friends, spent much time in singing hymns, Christian music, and praying together.

Despite it all, mom is not suffering any pain, keeps very good humor and is very alert when she’s awake. We remain in prayer.

I have tickets to return on May 29th. 


Ruth Thomson

Ruth accomplished much for God’s kingdom. Her linguistic brilliance enabled her to live and work in Brazil, and translate Scripture. Friends of mine who are Brazilian told me how beautifully she spoke Portuguese. Her ability to adapt to the culture and Kayapo way of life in the Amazon jungle, and to learn their language, forming an alphabet, translating Scripture and eventually enabling them to read Scripture on their own was phenomenal and awe-inspiring. She discipled new believers, and helped the Kayapo people in many practical ways. She was adopted as one of them, as a daughter and as a sister. She worked closely with other missionary partners and linguistic experts over the years. More recently, she also worked as a member of a team on narrating the Jesus film in the jungle.

When she was here in Canada, she took time to be interviewed by the media on a number of occasions, and her exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum about the Kayapo culture is very informative. Ruth’s outdoor skills, horseback riding, canoeing, cooking, hiking, dog training for the CNIB, and her love of adventure were part of her life. I have happy memories of Ruth, her mother, and her brother and sister-in-law, and other relatives and friends at the family cottage, as well as visits to her home in Durham, and gatherings among friends in Toronto. Ruth’s faithfulness and enthusiasm, as well as her love for her Lord, her family, the Kayapo people, her many Brazilian, American and Canadian friends and all those associated with her work will always be remembered. We’ll see her again!
-- a friend of Ruth's 

Hanneke Cost Budde

May 20

Knox has sent me money towards purchasing a newer vehicle. My old one is almost 25 years old and getting parts is more and more difficult.
I have done some research on wish vehicle to buy. I am looking for a smaller vehicle but big and strong enough to handle well on rough roads and seats for up to 7 people. Toyota is my first choice as there are more Toyota's in Tanzania and getting service and parts for newer vehicle is going to be easier than getting another brand. The best car which is affordable is the Toyota Fortuner. I checked it with other vehicles like the Prado and Toyota Kluger. The Prado is more expensive and is going to cost a lot more on import taxes. The Kluger is a very nice vehicle but not suitable for any rough roads. The Fortuner is the better choice as I still have to go over rough roads to get to villages and its size is excellent for my family.
I don't think I need anymore towards this purchase so please do not send any more to AIM for this vehicle project.
The Government is trying to stop the imports of the bigger vehicles like the land cruisers. Many people here want these vehicles to get around the unpaved areas in Tanzania. Therefor I am hopeful that I will be able to sell the car for an amount which helps me buy this vehicle.
I also received a very generous private donation from some very special person which will help towards paying the taxes. Please pray that God's will be done.

This morning I received the official letter to start teaching at the Tabora Bible school. I am very excited to help train people in the Word of God. I am to teach the introduction to the Old and New Testament.
Please pray that these students will be renewed and on fire for the Lord to spread the Gospel in un-reached areas in the Tabora region.

Knox World Mission is so very proud to congratulate three of our full time workers who each received doctoral degrees last week. Such a huge achievement for each one. Congratulations to each one, and may God go before you as you continue to serve Him here at home or abroad.


Paul McLean was honoured by Knox College with an honorary doctorate for lifelong dedicated service and vital contribution to the many indigenous Bible translations in Taiwan.


Geri Rodman obtained her Doctor of Ministry in Leadership from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston. She is currently coaching executive directors with International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.(IFES).


Devanand Bhagwan obtained his Doctor of Ministry at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. He feels he is a more mature person in the faith and better equipped to share his faith as a result of these doctoral studies.

Write to your KWM Worker