Please complete this form and submit application. Or print form and fax to the church: 416-921-5918. We are excited to be a part of your ministry. Knox World Mission supports many workers engaged in a variety of ministries around the world. It is important to us to stay connected with the ongoing ministries of everyone we support. One important way of doing this is through our Annual Update Questionnaire. To ensure that we continue to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us, the successful completion of this questionnaire is a requirement of continued funding.

Information supplied is for KWM confidential use only. No personal details of your response will be shared outside the committee, published on the web or in bulletin or similar media.

Basic Information

Name   *

Current field address

Current furlough address

Email  *

Current phone

Web page (if used)

Mission agency

Mission contact person   

Goals & Projects for last year

What goal(s) did you set for last year?  How would you evaluate the meeting of these goals?

Were you able to accomplish your vision goal(s) with the financial support you presently receive?  Or, to which project(s) / goal(s) did you apply the funds you received from Knox World Mission?


If not, what had to be curtailed?  How did you adjust your project(s)/goal(s) to the level of your funding support?  Or, were the funds sufficient for your goal(s)/project(s)?  


When is your next furlough period? How long will this period be? Where and how do you plan to spend the bulk of your furlough time?



Goals & Projects for next year

What goal(s) do you have for your ministry in the next year?


How do you plan to accomplish these goal(s)?


How can the KWM committee help you achieve your goal(s) for the next year?




Support – Oversight

Do you feel that your mission agency is providing adequate oversight and guidance?  Yes    Needs to be better. If inadequate, explain.



Support – Communication

We desire to improve communication with our missionaries.  Will you commit to keeping KWM updated at least quarterly?

         Yes, I will commit.  *

Have you been able to provide monthly items for the congregational prayer calendar and frequent updates for the web including photos where relevant? If not, why? [Those in sensitive areas will not appear on the web and information will be used cautiously for internal publication.]

         Yes    Why not able to update: 

How can we improve the way we communicate with each other and the congregation and supporters?


Please provide KWM with updated bio information. Please email a recent photo suitable for the displaying in the Winchester Room and on the KWM website.



Support - Personal & Spiritual Care

What has been your greatest blessing over the past year?



What has been the hardest issue you have had to deal with [possibly ongoing] over the past year?



Are you feeling a sense of joy and fulfillment in your ministry? Please explain.


 Any additional comments...

All information will remain confidential between the KWM worker and the KWM committee.

Thank you for filling in this annual report. It is an important step towards working together in the future.


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